Riding with Connection:  Everyone can learn to effectively communicate and connect with their horse under saddle.                             

At a Riding with Connection -clinic you will learn rider biomechanics and find a balanced seat through body awareness, breathing and mental visualization in an open and encouraging environment. Clinics include easy to understand theory, off-horse body awareness exercises, riding in pairs, videotaping and video analysis as well as open group discussions in which we discuss riding as a comprehensive communication experience. ​


Although every course has more or less the same structure, each clinic becomes a unique experience through the participants - humans and horses.

Riders and horses of all levels and disciplines are welcome, regardless of what kind of tack you use. Every student and horse is an individual, who learns and rides on their own level.


A balanced seat will immediately improve your connection with the horse, but riding is a lot more than a technical skill. Horses communicate via emotions and energy. If we want to truly connect with horses, we must learn to recognize the effects our mind and heart have on our interactions with the horse. Exploring this invisible connection and compassionately listening to horses are important cornerstones of my work and become the underlying red thread of each clinic I teach. This does not, however, require anything else from the participants than an open, curious mind. 


If you are interested in hosting a life-changing Coaching with Connection - clinic at your barn, please be in touch via email: 


A Riding with Connection - clinic is usually 2-3 days, but also a one day intensive is possible. A three day course can accommodate 8-10 riders with horses with 5-15 auditors. Two and one day courses are limited to 4-8 riders depending on the length of the clinic.