Speaking: Equestrian Emotions    

"No matter how much we would like to be thinking beings who feel, we are feeling beings who think."

The importance of emotions when working with horses has been ignored for far too long. Emotions are part of everything we do, and being able to identify and regulate your own emotions while being present with horses is extremely valuable. This lecture is an honest look at the most common human emotions experienced around horses. 

Length: 1-3 hours 

For anyone who is involved with horses, amateur or professional


Horses communicate with emotions and have the ability to feel changes of energy in their environment. When we are with horses, our emotions affect the horse and vice versa. This, however, is a phenomenon that has been long ignored in the traditional equestrian world. For example, often fearful riders are told to cover up their emotions with aggressive behavior. Recognizing and addressing fear and other emotions such as frustration, anger and disappointment, is very important when around horses. It increases the wellbeing of both the horse and human. In addition, it decreases dangerous situations and equestrian accidents. 


The lecture will discuss the following topics:

  • How do our emotions affect our interaction with horses?

  • How to recognize and accept difficult emotions - and why?

  • Using emotions as tools

  • What happens when we ignore the impact of our emotions in the equestrian world?

  • Emotional education at the barn - the benefits and challenges

The purpose of the lecture is not only to educate, but to open a conversation about an important topic. 

Participant feedback:

"Thank you! I don't think I'll look at my horse - or myself - the same way ever again. This lecture was eye-opening!"

"Finally someone is talking about this subject. I would like to hear this lecture a second time, it's that good! Every equestrian should learn about emotions, they are extremely important."