Communicating with Connection: We are feeling beings who think, instead    of thinking beings who feel.

Every time you interact with your horse, your emotional state profoundly affect how your horse will respond to you.

Emotions are constantly present in our lives. For horses, emotions are simply information; it is a form of communication. Becoming aware of your emotions, understanding their wisdom and accepting them as part of your communication with horses is an important process for every equestrian. Body, mind and heart - awareness will better your relationship with your horse immediately. It will also increase the safety and well-being of both you and your horse.  

At a Communicating with Connection - clinic you will learn, through theory, practice and open discussion, about emotions and energy, how to be present in your body, mind, and heart.


Example topics explored in the clinics:

  • How do our emotions affect our communication with horses?

  • How to recognize and accept difficult emotions - and why?

  • What is energy and how can we feel it?

  • Using emotions as tools

  • Mindfulness and stress-reduction techniques


If you are interested in hosting a life-changing Communicating with Connection - clinic at your barn, please be in touch via email: