Coaching with Connection 1-on-1: Support and solutions for your equestrian life.

  • Do you get nervous when you ride?

  • Are you at a crossroads with your life with horses?

  • Do you need emotional support in a difficult situation?

  • Are you in a constant argument with your horse?

No matter what your challenge, Katariina's 1-on-1 coaching is a solution-oriented process which aims to help you find answers, manage challenges and achieve dreams. ​


1-on-1 coaching with Katariina allows you to process your emotions and thoughts in a neutral, non-judgemental environment. Sometimes we are too close to the problem to see the solution or our thoughts get even more muddled when friends and other well-meaning people offer advice.


Only you know what is right for you. 


Everything you need to know is in your center. Through active listening, thoughtful questioning and compassionate, eyeopening exercises Katariina will help you unlock this knowledge.


Coaching sessions are done over video call. It is an interactive, supportive process in which Katariina helps you find and use your resources so you can reach your goals and/or find clarity in your life with horses.  

Interested? Please contact Katariina via email  for more info or to discuss an affordable packet that works for you.

Every coaching relationship is different. Sometimes a client is looking for support in their equestrian career, other times they need help with emotional issues. Over the course of ten years Katariina has hundreds of coached clients on topics such as fear of riding, competition anxiety, recognizing and maintaining ones boundaries and finding a deeper connections with the horse.