Coaching with Connection is not a method, but rather a philosophy. What started as a technique to teach body awareness to riders, evolved into a comprehensive approach in which the horse is in the center. The idea is that whatever you are doing with your horse, be it riding, grooming, or merely spending time together, you are always connected through your body, mind and heart

Everyone can find harmony and peace with horses.
Clear communication, body awareness and psychological and emotional safety are important cornerstones when operating with horses. Whether you are interested in rider biomechanics, body awareness, emotional regulation or compassionate communicating, Coaching with Connection gives you the tools for growth and change. 

Learning is a very personal experience and a good teacher and coach is fully aware of this fact. Some students want to learn the techniques of riding and the biomechanics of their seat, while others are drawn to horses because of the emotional connection. Both are absolutely correct. Whatever your starting point is, it is exactly just that, a starting point. As your coach, I strive to support you in the area you are most interested in, be it body, mind or heart, without forgetting the underlying presence of the other two. 

The perfect seat, the most focused mind and the deepest heart connection with a horse are a lifelong pursuit. Although we may strive for perfection, we will never reach it, as there is always a new level to learn and discover about ourselves and these beautiful animals we love.

The ultimate gift of equestrian life is the fact that you may have several intermediate stops on the way, but you will never truly finish your journey. This might sound frustrating, but on the other hand can also be liberating.  I urge you to surrender to the journey, and do everything in your power to enjoy the scenery along the way. 


No matter where you are in your life, it is the right place to begin your journey.

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